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Have you been trying to connect with your old boss, but he hasn’t been answering back? Want to catch up with your old school friend but he isn’t responding to your text.

Before blaming your network or iPhone services, find out whether the person you trying to connect has blocked your number or not. When someone doesn’t want to have a conversation with you, the iPhone gives them the option to block your number.


iPhone doesn’t provide any features that will indicate whether your number is on someone’s block list or not. Still, you can know the status of your number by looking for these signs.

=> Can You Tell if Someone Blocked You on iMessage?

Let us move on to how you can know if your number is blocked or not. Here are some of the ways which will assist you through utilizing the iMessage app that how to get imessage on android with follow simple steps.

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  • Usually, the default text colour in iMessage is blue. If a person has blocked your number, the message will turn from blue to green after some time. Sometimes the colour of the text changes to green because your phone may be out of data and is sending the message as standard SMS. Before deciding if your number is blocked or not, send a few messages after recharging your data. If the text remains green, then that means your number has been blocked.
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  • iMessage allows you to check the status of your messages. If it shows read, then that means that your friend has gotten through your text. When you send a message and it status never changes from delivered to read then that means you have been added to block list.
  • Open the conversation and look at the status of your previous messages. Your old ones should show the status of delivered or read. If your latest text messages don’t show any status chance are that your number has been blocked.=> Do iMessages Get Delivered if Blocked?There is no way that your text will be received by the other person.
  • In the previous iOS, the iPhone used to show delivered notification under the text of the person who is sending the message. In iOS 9 or later software, your phone will not show any notification. In other words, you won’t be able to see any status update under your iMessage.=> What are the Signs of Been Blocked on iPhone?
    When your number has been blocked, your call will go straight to voice mail. The best way to know if you have been blocked on iPhone or not is to count the number of rings before you are directed towards voicemail. If you are asked to leave a message after one or no rings, then it is most likely that you have finally been blocked by someone. 

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